Valmennustiimimme vahvistuu syksyllä 2020!


Valmentajaesittelyssä Maria Margiyeva✨🌍🤩

Toivotamme mukavan monitaituri Marian lämpimästi tervetulleeksi valmennustiimiimme Helsingissä ja Espoossa!😍

- Spanish national 🇪🇸, originally from Ukraine 🇺🇦
-Rhythmic Gymnastics was the first big love for Maria. 
- 10 years of rhythmic gymnastics athlete career, Master of Sport of Ukraine, started rhythmic gymnastics at 7 years old in Club Dynamo of Kiev in Soviet Union, coached by Vera Kremer. Maria always trained with the same coach. Maria was a member of Junior team of USSR and after independence of Ukraine a member of junior team of Ukraine. In 13 years Maria had a very serious injury that put her out from gymnastics for 1 year. After that Maria recovered and finished her athlete career in Club Ritmica Barcelona in Spain. Maria competed in individual and in group disciplines. 
-Has a Bachelors Degree in physical education and coach of Rhythmic Gymnastics from National University of Physycal Education and Sport in Ukraine. Studied Sport Events management in University of Valencia. Has also coached RG in Spain.
-Maria was always interested about dance and in 18 years old Maria joined National Dance Academy of Pavel Virsky. 
-After finishing the University and dance studies, Maria came back to Spain where she started her entertainment career. 
-World class entertainer, performed and visited 77 countries, worked in the shows with very talented and inspiring dancers and choreographers. Maria masters many dance and circus disciplines. This knowledge allowed to create her one woman show with mix of gymnastics, circus, dance. 
-Maria loves sewing and loves to create costumes for her shows. 
-Maria speaks fluently Russian, Spanish, Italian, good level of English and some Portuguese. 
-The hobbies are reading; writing; photography; editing of photo, video and music; travelling;  home design and home repair. Art admirer.